Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fiance FAQs

Where did you meet?
Math class; Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, to be exact.

What is he like?
Well, what do you want to know? Obviously he's cool, or else I wouldn't be marrying him.

Have you set a date?
January 3rd for the wedding. The reception will be the night before, as it is less important.

How long have you been dating him?
He proposed to me exactly one month after our first date.

How did he propose?
Through a fortune cookie. If you check earlier on my blog, you'll see that our first date was at Panda Express (also his favorite fast food place.)

Where does he work?
He's one of the managers at Domino's.

What's his major?
Electrical engineering.

Where do you plan on living?
To save money, we're going to live with his mom in his brother's house (his brother is currently in Washington DC), at least until May. If we decide to move out after that, then so be it, but for now, we're living there. It's a nice house, and we like it.

Where do you want to be married?
We're getting married in the Mount Timpanogos temple, but I'll be recieving my endowments in the Logan temple.

Don't you think it's too fast to be getting married?
I personally don't think it's fast enough sometimes, but when it's right, it's right. We don't see the point in waiting. We have eternity to get to know each other, but for now we're committed to each other and we're willing to work together to fight anything against us.

Do you have a ring?
No, we haven't yet found what I'm looking for, but we'll be getting one soon.

Well, I can't think of anymore questions off the top of my head, but if you think of any I should add, let me know and I'll update soon. Thank you for all of your support! We love you!


crisco said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! My brother and sister-in-law got engaged after 3 dates and were married the next month...They've been married 5 years so far!

mom said...

waiting to see your haircut! great blog!!!

Carrie said...

Those are the details I was waiting for! Congratulations! You are a grown up now! :)

Ganimobile said...

ya ya ya ya wahoo!!! Congratulations Jessica and Mark!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo-woo-hoo! :D Pretty much the coolest news I've heard all year!

Steph said...

didn't i say that you would get married before me? i won't say i told you so. j/k. i'm glad for ya. congrats. :)

Ashlyn said...

Congrats to you guys!

fern said...

i know that you are busy...... but update this thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, one month? What happened to dating?

One of your relatives said...

Update your Dee Ay eM eN blog Ica...

Laurel King said...

Hey Jessica, it's me, Laurel Hansen, well, King; anyway, I have a question for you and/or Aaron. Could you email me so I can have your email address and then I can communicate with you?? My email is laurellalaking@hotmail.com

Thanks! And, CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement; when it's right, it's right...right?? My husband and I knew we wanted to get married after 6 weeks of dating. Good luck with wedding plans!!!