Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Project and Some Pictures

Today was a very productive day. I did 3 loads of laundry worth of ironing. But that's not even the most productive part of the day. Mark and our friend, Abe, built hanging shelves in the garages of both homes. They did a fantastic job (besides the part where Abe drilled a hole in Mark's finger). Here's a picture of our very clean garage:

Or 3 pictures. Whatever. Also, I recently realized that I hadn't really posted any pictures of the decorated and cute version of our house, so here's a couple:

And, finally, during our trip to Europe last summer we bought 5 postcards from each city. Each set had to include only places we'd visited in that city, and had to be the same style, so we could do this:

Yes, I made those. Yes, I'm awesome. I glued wood together (in custom shapes!), painted it black, then glued the postcards to their corresponding piece of wood. Go ahead and pin that for later, ladies. :)


Fern said...

Lovin it!

Jashley said...

Dude. Your garage looks awesome!

fern said...

how is marks finger doing?? are your plants in the pots surviving?

Mel said...

Jessica, your house is so cute! And those postcard plaques are AWESOME! Did you think to do that all on your own? That's such a great way to create your own art with great memories!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I like the homemade black photo holders!

- Matt A.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Aunt Jess

-Jacob A.