Friday, August 24, 2012

New Laptop!

Now that I have a laptop that works, I feel obligated to finally blog.

Why did I buy a new laptop? For my new job! A few weeks ago I was hired by UNM (University of New Mexico) as a part-time instructor in the Math/Stat department. School started this week, and it's been crazy! I decided when I got hired that I would continue my job at ITT Technical Institute, and my ordinance worker shift at the LDS temple. I'm now one busy lady! But I love it. At UNM I'm teaching 2 sections of intermediate algebra and 2 sections of introduction to statistics. Each section has about 60 student, so I've got about 240 students at UNM. It's crazy! Luckily, most of the grading is done by online programs that they're required to use. I still have to grade the in-class quizzes and tests, but I think I can handle that :)

In other news, I am becoming domesticated. I gave up facebook (in an effort to turn my internet time to blogging instead of reading lame facebook posts). I learned how to can peaches and green chiles. When you come to visit in the middle of winter, we'll have plenty of great food to eat!

Life is genuinely good :)


Wendy said...

So awesome that you are loving life! I miss you, but I am so glad you are happy where you are!

Fern said...

That is awesome!!