Monday, July 09, 2012

To Appease My Mother

I got a text the other day that said "I'm still waiting for your blog to update" from my mom. I responded "So am I." That was a couple of weeks ago, and seeing as how the blog hasn't written itself, I suppose it's my responsibility to appease my mother.

We have moved into our house! Here's a little virtual tour:
Kitchen & Dining Area
 Great Room
 Game Room
 Game Shelves
 Master Bedroom
 Master Bedroom Art
 Master Bathroom
 Master Closet
 Craft Room
 Pool Table Room

We love our house, and are thrilled to be here. I also need to thank everyone who helped us move. There were a lot of you and we're so grateful! These pictures weren't taken at the final stage of being completely moved in, so you'll have to come visit to see the fully decorated version of our house. :)

Even though we've just moved in, we still find time to do fun things. For 4th of July weekend, we met up with  my parents in Moab. They rode motorcycles every day, and we went climbing, hiking, and biking. Here are a couple of pictures from that trip.
Climbing Looking Glass. The climb was a joke, but the rappel was awesome!

 Hiking with the parentals in Arches National Park.

 We climbed to the top of Fiery Furnace. It was awesome!!

 Mark biked Slick Rock Trail.

That's about all we've been up to for the last couple of months. Rock on!


Jamie Younker said...

Okay you're house is outrageously awesome! I love it! And Moab is a blast- looks like you guys had a great time!

Matt and Manda said...

LOVE the new house! How exciting!

Holli said...

I also love your house! It looks great!

fern said...

bleh! my comment didn't post--- loved spending time with you- love your house-- love you!! cant wait to see you in a week-ish!!