Monday, February 06, 2012

First Post of 2012!

So far, we are loving the new year. I've had some changes in my life, and lots of updates!

I have a job! I'm teaching a couple of classes at ITT Technical Institute. It was an extremely stressful and crazy start, but I feel like I've got everything under my belt now. I love my students (for the most part). Many of them are returned students, and most are older than me. We have a lot of fun during class, and I think some of them are starting to enjoy math (or at least not hate it anymore). We only have a few weeks left for this quarter, and then I'll be starting 3 classes instead of just 2. This quarter I'm teaching Thursday and Friday nights. Pretty lame schedule, if you ask me, but at least I'm working. Next quarter I'll be teaching Monday and Tuesday nights, and Tuesday morning. It will be a much better schedule! I'm looking forward to it.

I am a volunteer! A couple of weeks ago I started working at the Albuquerque LDS temple. I work the morning shift every Tuesday, and it has been such a blessing in my life! I love the feelings of peace and quiet that I can enjoy all morning. I also love learning more about what goes on in the temple, and how everything is organized and run. I'm so glad that I have the time to take this opportunity without having the stress of a full-time job or children (although I would love either/both of those things).

I make bread! And other things. I've become quite the homemaker since moving here. My mom taught me how to make bread a long time ago, but I rarely ever made it because Utah had such. good. bread. However, Albuquerque bread tastes like sandpaper. So now I make all of our bread. Also, thanks to Pinterest, I've started cooking lots of other things. Pretty much I'm amazing :)

We've started looking at houses! Our lease ends in July, so we've begun exploring different areas and houses to see where we want to live. We are pretty close to making a decision, so I'll keep you posted on that.

Last of all... I've lost 10 pounds! I started Weight Watchers last year, and have had great success. I love how great I feel and I love the way I look. If you are looking for a change in lifestyle and eating habits, I would totally suggest weight watchers. It's awesome!


valerie sallay said...

I still have not mastered beard making.. It is almost there!! I think my problem is the kneading.. Glad to here things are going great for you guys!!!

mums said...

you are pretty much amazing... but i already new that!! valerie- the best fool proof bread requires a bosch and my recipe (from my friend sandra!) perfect every time!! looks like we will be taking another bike trip to see the new house!!! yea!!

mums again said...

ps you do look great!!

Laurel, Brian, Addison & Liam said...

Congratulations Jessica! I love weight watchers. I started it 2 years ago this coming April. I lost 50 pounds in my first year, and well, I've stayed there, but I'm trying to lose the last 10-15 to hit my personal goal. It's a way of life and it's doable. That's what I love about it.