Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Amazing Plan

Due to a happy event (yay for winning blog giveaways!) I have recently come upon a large stack of Hallmark cards. It's Hallmark's current goal to bring card giving back into society. It has since been overlooked by the communication abilities of facebook (birthday reminders) and twitter (little feel-good notes). But, as they say, one always loves receiving a piece of mail that isn't a bill or junk. Since winning a giveaway on Casey's blog, I was challenged to send out at least 7 cards to people I care about. I sat and wrote them one night while Mark was away on business. I mailed them the next day, full of love and inside jokes. I sent a couple to some good friends. I sent a couple to my parents, and as an extra surprise mailed it to their workplaces rather than their home (I'm a clever gal). I sent one to my Grandmama, whose birthday was coming up. And then I waited.

I knew the cards had started arriving when I got a text from an unsuspecting friend. She commented on some of my notes, and said she really needed the card that day. I smiled, of course, and told her I love her. She has been one of my best friends these 15 years or more that I have been reasonably socially acceptable. Her card went something like this: "Are people giving you that 'things get better with time' B.S.?" ... on the inside... "It's shopping. Things get better with shopping."

Next came the text from my dearest mother. "I've figured out your evil plan!" she says. Ha! I took her by surprise! That was my biggest hope :) Now, to see how Papa takes it... I'm pretty sure Mom hasn't suspected Papa to get one at his work as well.

A text and a phone call from two more of my friends. Can I just say how much I love hearing from them? It's hard living so far away from everyone, because they get to thinking that I don't care anymore about their day to day lives. But I do!! I love hearing about all the small little things that are happening with them.

There's still more people I hope to hear from because of this adventure, but I can't wait to post any longer. I'll bet the suspense has just been killing you :)

Also, even if you maybe didn't get a card, it's ok to text or call me at anytime. I'm truly 100% available for a "hello"!


Rose said...

Hey cute neice of mine! I'm glad you are blogging your life so we can keep up! I'm sure she meant to send 8 to your favorite Lehi aunt!

Tiffani said...

Wait... is THIS why I got a random card? Because you won a contest and not because you love me?? :-P