Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Few Randoms

Ok, so that last post was a little nerdy. But I've just got to tell ya that I improved on that little beauty. It now gives me a lot more information, and the code is in the form of a function instead of a script. That's not what I came here to talk about though...

Today marks the start of the 41st month of the courtship of Mark and me. Isn't that precious? We celebrated by continuing our monthly tradition of going to Panda Express. And it was gooood this time. Sometimes it's just ok (and even bad on occasion) but not today, pal! It was dee-licious! That's not really what I came here to talk about either...

Since I didn't do a real lovey-dovey post earlier this month (for our 3-yr anniversary) I want to write a few things now. Mark is...
1. Amazing
2. Intelligent
3. Funny
4. Sweet
5. Sexy
6. Fun
7. Practical
8. Tasteful
9. Romantic
10. Mine


Lindsay said...

Congrats on 41 months! :) You guys are great

fa said...

very nice-- my two favorite nerds!

Keeling said...

I think I just threwup in my mouth a little. jk

Sam said...

My top 3 from your list are #3, #7, and #10.