Monday, March 02, 2009

The Weekend

Well, thanks to my Aunt Carrie, I figured out what to do on Saturday. (Thanks for the invite, Carrie, I had a blast.) I surprised my mom by coming down to her house on Saturday night. There was a party celebrating the return of my uncle from Afghanistan (hooray!), and my mom didn't invite me because she "knew I couldn't come anyway, so why invite?" But I went anyway. And she didn't know until I was standing in her kitchen. See?


During the course of the night, I played with my cousins (see above - isn't he so cute?!), visited with aunts and uncles, laughed a lot, and had one of grandma's delicious eclairs smashed all over my face and up my nose. Later on I scratched my nose, just to find dried chocolate frosting. Thanks a lot, Aaron and Sam! (You big meanies!)

On Sunday, I went to church in my mom's ward, where it just so happened that my second cousin (whom I love dearly) was having her baby blessed. So, I got to see all of the family that I normally only get to see at funerals. It was nice to see them in a positive place. That evening, we celebrated my sister's birthday with a dinner at mom's house.

Thanks for the party, fam! I had a great weekend!


da mom said...

that was hilarious- I was dumbfounded to see you walk in!! hahaha it was great havin all my kids home- we missed mark though.... dumb homework!! next time!!

Kellie said...

How fun! Sorry about the eclairs up your nose and the subsequent scratch. I bet you mom loved seeing you.

Motherboard said...

I ♥ family parties. I had one this weekend too.