Saturday, March 28, 2009

Best Day of My Life!

Yesterday was the best day of my life, except for the time that we removed the fireplace and went to Weinersnitchel (I wrote about that in my journal as a kid, labeling it "the best day of my life"). Anyway, I got to go see Arlo Guthrie in concert! I grew up listening to this man, and it was sooo fun to go see him live. He even came to my small town for two nights in a row. (We have an elderly population.)

Plus, there was a double bonus. One of my best friends EVER came to visit and go to the concert with me. She wasn't sure she'd like it, since Arlo's high time was in the 70's, but she ended up really enjoying herself. Now if that isn't a testament to good music, I don't know what is.

We tried to catch the band at the bus after the show, but we were one minute too slow. At least I got to sit on row 4 and watch him work his magic.

Here is a picure of Iki and Ica (that's what we used to go by - Iki is short for Nikki, Ica is short for Jessica). Thanks, Iki, for coming up! It was so good to hang out with you. Love ya!

I just want you all to know that I almost met Arlo Guthrie tonight (the night after I went to the concert). We were on our way home from somewhere and I asked Mark to humor me and take me to where the bus would be. Unfortunately, Arlo had left about 2 minutes before we got there. But I did meet his son, Abe Guthrie. I suppose that will have to suffice.


trublubyu said...

i love the journals of young people. so cute that your best day ever perspective has changed just a bit.

so glad you had a great time!

da mom said...

I love that you got to meet his son- reminds me of when we got to meet the sons of the nitty gritty dirt band (another family fav.) --thanks for the updates during the concert- it was a real let down that i couldn't go, i had been looking forward to it for a while!!

Tiffani said...

what happened to titleing the post "what? Your car doesn't have cup holders" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOVE YO JESS!!