Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Want To Write

But I don't know what to write about. So, I'll tell you how my week has been going.
Church was really good. I have to say that Relief Society class is my very favorite. There are so many wonderful people in my ward, and that is such a great time to get to know them.
On Monday I went to school. I didn't have to work on Monday night, so we got a couple of Redbox movies. (There's free rentals on Monday with a promo code. Two credit cards = two free movies every Monday night.) We watched Max Payne. It's a pretty good movie, though I wouldn't rate it in my top ten. We also went shopping with my sweet mother-in-law who was looking for furniture for her new home. That was fun, and once again I was surprised at Mark's fashion intellect. He's way good. (If you want to hire him, I'd be ok with that, and he'd really love it.)
Tuesdays are usually pretty chill. I have a class in the morning, and another class in the late afternoon. The rest of my time is spent either doing homework or private tutoring. Usually I work at 5. This Tuesday was no different.
(Yesterday.) Had school again.. And work. After I got off work, Mark and I finished most of our Saturday chores that we didn't get done last weekend. Then it was time for bed.
And that brings us to today, Thursday:
My one class that I have on Thursdays was cancelled, but I still had to come to school (for my tutoring job). On the bus on my way to school this morning, I was talking to my friend, Robert, who has a disability and works on campus in a food court. I told him I was headed to go tutor and he said, "Oh, you must be good at that." (p.s. I've only spoken with him once before, at which point he said I must be good at statistics when I told him that was my major.) He's such a sweet guy; I wish everyone were as outgoing and friendly as many of the people with disabilities. It would make everyone's lives so much more pleasant...especially on the public transportation systems. So, I went to work and realized that it doesn't take much knowledge about the actual subject to be a good tutor. More than once today I was asked a question that I couldn't answer by myself. When this happens, I turn them to the book and their notes and have them figure it out. Everyone learns more that way, and it takes the stress off of me. After work I watched an episode (or two) of Flight of the Conchords (which is a really funny show). I should be doing my homework, but I feel like I have so much time to do it that I just don't feel like working on it. Hence, I am writing a blog post.

Anyone want to come take me out for ice cream? I have a coupon for a free cone from McDonalds!


Rose said...

Dave and I are up at Wolf Creek in our really cool room. I thought it might not be this cool, but we were pleasantly surprised! They gave us $100 for food so no cooking! Now that's a nice gift! They put us in the Honeymoon suite! This is the coolest prize I have ever won! The people up here are so nice! I think there is only one other room rented here, so it is nice and quiet!

They gave us snow shoes to use the whole time we're here and we are going for a sleigh ride Saturday at 11:00. Fun times!!

John and Valerie said...

does robert by chance got Cache Employment and training?? if so then I work with him.. and he such a nice guy!! all of them are! it is such an uplifting job!! but feel good about yours because you help people too..

fezzik said...

You lead a very awesome life. :) I think we should party sometime. Are you guys going somewhere for spring break?

Kellie said...

I'm totally up for ice cream!