Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Best Part of Baking Up

Is Batter In Your Cup! (Or bowl, but cup rhymes.)
*That was to be sung to the Folger's commercial song.*

That's right. I finally got around to making my Amish bread. And it is going to be delish! You know how I know? I tasted the batter. I know, I know, it has raw eggs in it. But I've eaten many a batter with raw egg in it, and you know what? I'm fine. Smart, even.

For this batch of "Amish" bread I didn't follow the recipe exactly. Instead of instant vanilla pudding (which is the reason I don't think it's Amish - instant pudding) I used instant chocolate pudding, and I added mashed bananas and chocolate chips.
You want a piece of this?
Get on over here, baby, and taste this goodness. It'll be ready in 45 minutes.


Kellie said...

I'm on my way!

btw, thanks for calling me! it was fun chatting!

Marisa said...

can I get the recipe? it sounds delish

Beans said...

Way to be creative! I'm always afraid to mess with recipes... it hasn't worked out to well in the past. You should post that recipe!

fern said...

yummmo jess! hey kyna bean-- do you guys facebook?? look me up!