Monday, June 02, 2008


I apologize I wasn't able to keep you up to date on our trip. The only internet access I had was on an i-phone, and it was simply too hard to write a blog on an i-phone. Anyway, Mark and I had a great time in St. George. We visited a lot of his friends that he hasn't seen since before his mission, celebrated his birthday, his brother's endowment, and his dad's wedding. The traveling part seemed to fly by in our new car. And the most amazing thing to me is that after 5 hours of sitting in a car I wasn't one bit sore!

We played a lot of games including Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Killer Bunnies. In fact, most of what we did down there was play these games. 4 of the 6 Anderson brothers were in attendance and it was good to spend time with them again. I'm getting pretty excited for when this same group goes to Canada in a couple of weeks. We're going to have a blast. Two of these brothers are photographers and took a few awesome pictures of me. When I get them I'll post them up so you can all tell me that I looked good that day! ha ha.

During our St. George trip we were very blessed. Our plan was to stay at Mark's dad's house until he had to move out (we thought we'd be there until Saturday). However, the people moving in showed up Thursday morning and pretty much said "We're moving in whether you're gone or not.. So leave." So we helped pack up what was left of Verl's and Kai's things and went homeless for a couple of hours. I finally got ahold of my Uncle James who was able to reserve a room at the Trendwest Resort for only $55 for that night. He was then gracious enough to invite us all to stay in his room for the next two nights. Luckily, James had a business meeting in St. George the same weekend we were there and had 2 nights free at that resort. Thank you my favorite Uncle ever!!!

We're finally home and everything is unpacked and put away. I think it's time for my nap! (Oh yeah.. Thanks, Mom, for the delicious dinner last night and a place to stay. We had fun with you, too!

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fern said...

it was fun to hang out with you both sunday-- a huge thanks to Eric for taking pictures of mel, I need his address so I can send a thank you note!