Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know it took me a while to get this post up, but I was such a procrastinator over the break that at the beginning of this week I had to spend all of my time catching up with school. Anyhow, we had a great time over the break. We spend most of the time down in St. George (where it's "warm") with 3 of Mark's 5 brothers and their families. There was a lot of game playing, competitions, and relaxation time. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the cutest little girls on the planet, but I will tell you a little story. These 4 little girls are obsessed with the Disney Princesses, so they kept asking me which princess I was. I said I didn't know because I didn't have a princess dress. (Each of the girls has their own princess dress that they wore every day over their clothes.) Little Emma said, "It's okay, Jess, you can be a princess without a dress." My brother-in-law said to me, "Yeah, Cinderella was dressed in rags so you can be her." It was pretty funny.
On the way down and on the way back from St. George we stopped in Salt Lake to visit my family. We played a fun game called Killer Bunnies one night. I think they liked it, but I couldn't quite tell. That same night my mom provided a masseuse for all of the girls, which was absolutely divine. The other day we were there was family picture day. We had a wonderful dinner with the grandparents then had our pictures taken. There are a few X-rated ones of my brother breast-feeding a manican so I didn't post those, but here are my favorites of each shot.

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mom said...

these pictures look better than they did on the camera-- it was a lot of fun having you here- killer bunnies was fun, we were awfully tired and a bit rushed through it- thank heavens mark could tell us what each card meant, we would have been playing until morning!!