Friday, August 24, 2007


The 311 concert was, how can I say? ...AMAZING!! We had such a great time. The Usana Amphitheater was cool because the speakers are huge and very loud. The first band to open for them wasn't any good so I didn't take note of their name. However, the second band to open is called Matisyahu. They're sort of Bob Marley style. I like them but Mark doesn't seem to. Don't they just look cool though?

And here is what we've all been waiting for...

311!! I'm always skeptical about live bands and artists, but these guys were great live. The crowd was going wild! My only dislike about the concert was that the whole place smelled like beer because everyone around us was drinking.

I didn't have these pictures from Aaron and Danielle's wedding last time I posted.


mom said...

awesome update!! i loved spending time wiwth you both- wish you were coming to flaming gorge with us this weekend!!

Sam said...

Oh yea, you missed Flaming Gorge. I had a great time in your place.