Friday, October 26, 2012

Catching Fire

I suppose it's time to catch up on all of the happenings. It's been kind of crazy around here, but it's been fun!

So, I left off with the backpacking trip. A couple of days after we got home Mark's mom, Kathy, arrived! We had such fun lounging and playing games and going for walks. We just love having her come to visit. She even rock climbed with us! She made it up a 5.6 (a good beginner level) while we were in Socorro. Good job!

The following week, I started a new quarter at ITT. Remember the schedule I was talking about? I ended up with 3 night classes. It was quite tough that first week, and so I found someone who was willing to replace me. That brought my total down to 6 classes (which is still quite a lot). Thing were crazy at first, but have gotten better in time. We're now halfway through the quarter! Crazy... That same week, Mark took off to Arizona for a few days on a recruiting trip for work. Not much else happened to note.

Then we bought a new bed! It's a king-size bed, and it's beautiful. See?

Just lovely.

Not long after it's arrival, Mark took off for over a week and a half to Puerto Rico and Utah, both recruiting jobs for work. He had a blast! He would text me and tell me to have fun teaching my classes while he was lounging on the beach or surfing in the ocean. I was only a little bitter :)

The first weekend he was gone, I had a girls night with a few of my friends from my new ward. We had a great time giving each other spa treatments and enjoying Oreo truffles and homemade lemonade. Yes, I'm that amazing.
The second weekend I took off on a road trip to meet my mothers in St. George, Utah. They surprised me by bringing my 6-month-old nephew! We had a great time lounging, eating, watching movies, painting pumpkins, doing other crafts, and just being together. I love my mothers! Thanks for meeting me there. It was fabulous.

Mark got home, and a few days later our good friends Jeremy and Nayana showed up. They currently live in Boston, but we met at USU. We spent most of our time together playing games or doing the typical Albuquerque stuff (like ride the tram, visit the nuclear museum, and rock climb). We also went camping and saw the most beautiful fall colors on the drive. The trees looked like they were catching on fire!

Anyway, they left yesterday, but we hope to vacation together in New Zealand within the next year.

That brings us to the present! Tomorrow we'll be participating in a climbing competition at the climbing gym we attend. Most likely we won't win anything, but it's the same competition that got us climbing last year. It should be good! The next few weeks should be pretty low-key, until we have more visitors for Thanksgiving. We're looking forward to it!

Enjoy the fall season, and I hope I remember to write again soon.

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Jashley said...

Yay! You blogged! Um... Your bed is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.