Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Plate

I've come to have a lot on my plate in the last little bit.

First off, I finally got a calling in my LDS ward! I'll be working with the young women as a secretary in the presidency. I'm super excited about it! I'll be in charge of the personal progress program, which I plan on doing along with the girls. It will be so good for me. SO exciting!

Next, I've been on weight watchers for a few weeks. My weight and height had put me technically overweight. I'm not saying that I think I'm fat, but I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds. So far, it's been great! I've lost over 5 pounds, and recently bought a bunch of size MEDIUM shirts! I'm so happy about that.

Also, I'm starting to get into essential oils to help with ailments. For example, I'm using one called slim and sassy (a mix of a bunch of metabolism boosting oils) to aid me in my weight loss quest. This week Mark and I went to the dentist and each of us have cavities. We're going to use essential oils to make them heal and recover. God has provided all of the things we need, and the oils I use are the purest forms of those things. So, I'll keep you posted on how we do with those.

I've also been keeping up on the biking goal I set when we moved here. This morning I biked 25 miles! Hopefully someday soon I can have a real bicycle. I'll keep you posted on that too. Thanks for checking in on me!


Kellie said...

Wow! Congratulations! I wish I could go biking with you :)

mom said...

way to go!! have your dentist email me the xrays- i will have dr j take a look at them- wierd that you suddenly have cavities when you havent had any for so long!!

Laura said...

I miss you.