Thursday, July 22, 2010


I finally have all of my tickets and reservations for my trip to Canada. My poster that I will present is ready to be printed. Now I just have to wait.. and pack. But I do have a question about the packing.

Have any of you stayed in a hostel? I'll be staying in a hostel in Canada. I know they provide lockers which you can padlock (so I'll take a padlock), but I'm not sure if they require you to bring anything like sheets or pillows or whatever. Does anyone know?


Mark and Carrie Miller said...

Hostels in Europe provide a pillow (usually not very fluffy) and sheets and a blanket. Hope that helps! When is your trip?

Lindsay said...

The only hostel i stayed in provided sheets and pillows. But no soap for washing hands or anything like that. Take your own towel for showering. :)