Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Because I Said I Would

I know you have all been waiting for the pictures of me and Casey. So, here they are!

This last picture I think is best, except the lighting isn't great. But did you see in the second picture how intense our conversation was? Man, it was great. I just love that woman.

Also, do you like the blog makeover? It's kind of fall-ish.. Since it's fall now, I figured it would be appropriate..


fezzik said...

These are spectacular.

fern said...

love it!! gunna call you stalker girl!

Kellie said...

I didn't know your hair was so light! And it's so l-o-n-g! I love it:)

And I am still jealous!!

moosh in indy. said...

Seriously serious right?
Everyone needs to go to Amber at Landis Salon. Because hello? Check out those high/lowlights.


Again, thanks for saying hi. LOVED meeting you.

Tiffani said...

Ha. I didn't realize that your hair was that blonde. You ARE a blonde. Oh man! hahaha it's long too! Love it!