Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Late Night Fun

Don't you worry, this post is rated PG.

My friend Amanda and I made bread. I screwed up and put twice as much water as I was supposed to. Of course, I didn't realize it until it was supposed to be time to let the dough rise. The mixture seemed a little runny. So, we threw it away and started over. Though we had all of that trouble, the bread turned out AMAZING! It was the perfect consistency and the crust wasn't too crunchy. Yum! The only problem with it that I can think of is that the loaves are a little lumpy on top. I'm not a pro at shaping it yet, but just you wait...

A few days ago, Mark went paintballing with his Domino's buddies (where he wasted everyone else). He wanted me to go, but I was too afraid. To me, running around shooting each other didn't sound like much fun (though there are some people I wouldn't mind shooting). Because of this, Mark decided to prove to me that paintballing doesn't hurt. So, at 10:30 we went outside and he shot me with the paintball gun from a good distance. It hit my arm and didn't hurt. I guess we'll be going paintballing sometime, maybe after we move.

Now it's time for a little Killer Bunnies with my best friend!


mom said...

i didn't see any mention of how many times you called me with bread questions!! ;-) hahaha made me laugh! btw- thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder!

Sam-a-lot said...

Hey Jess, Mel and I were discussing the details of a new sport...Paint Boarding (or tubing/boating). Wakeboarders (or tubers) would be pulled around the lake shooting paint balls at each other. We need to figure out how to make in environmentally sound but I think we're on to something. Maybe shooting wet fishfood marshmallows or cheese to give the fish a treat when we're done. We didn't think that far ahead...shooting each other is about as far as we got. Good job trusting Mark enough to let him shoot you