Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I didn't know what else to name this post; I'm running a little low on creative juices. The past week I've become refamiliarized with sending pictures from my phone to my email so I can post them. Anyway, that's what has inspired this post.. kind of.

Last week finished up with getting sick after a wedding reception in Bountiful on Friday, and getting back to Logan only to come inside and throw up. Since then I haven't been getting very hungry, and I get full pretty quickly also. I hope nothing is seriously wrong. Saturday we worked all day and just vegged Saturday night. Sunday we taught primary and had a good time with it. And that was last week.

This week is going to be almost as crazy as last week; I'm hoping to leave out any car accidents/breakdowns etc. We will be working an awful lot, with our only day off until Sunday being Thursday. Yesterday before working the night shift we got quite a lot done. Well, at least it seemed that way. We cleaned the house, sent in a resume for a job Mark was offered, went to the garden store, planted a garden and test drove an Audi. Here's proof:

The top picture is actually an ant pile we discovered before planting the garden. There had to have been over a thousand ants! It was crazy looking. Oh, and don't I have cute feet? Thanks for the hand-me-down shoes, Mom. Below is part of the garden. This year we decided to plant 3 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of cucumbers and 1 kind of zucchini squash. I've only had zucchini once ever, but I have a recipe for zucchini bread and thought it would be kind of fun. I hope it turns out. The tomatoes are required for BLT's which are a staple in this house.

Our dream car is an Audi A6, and we found one for sale in Logan. Kind of crazy, huh? And it had to pop up right at the time that we're looking for a house. Here's a link to some info about it in case you feel like giving your opinion. Audi
Oh yeah, and we bought couches too.

Check it out! We got the couch and the loveseat. The couch's two endseats recline, as do both seats on the the loveseat. They should be here in Logan anytime this week. That means finding someplace else for our couches, deep cleaning and rearranging the living room so that they'll look good here. If anyone is looking for new furniture, Mark and I really like Ashley Furniture.

Finally, here's some good news. Mark was offered a position as Lead Programmer for a student research group (or something like that) that is trying to put a satellite out into space (I think). He sent in his resume yesterday and has an interview on Thursday. Only a few other people have applied, and they've been really insistent on him applying for the job. We're pretty sure they want to give the job to him but he had to do the basic applying stuff first.

And finally finally, right now I'm babysitting a couple of kids so that our friend can have her baby. I'm so excited for her! She looked sooo pregnant on Sunday that it was painful to me! Wish her luck. Wish me luck, too. I'm not sure when the tornado will end, but I'm pretty sure it'll be sometime around when Megan goes to bed or her dad comes to get her. So, there's my long post for the month. Life is good!


Tiffani said...

I want an Audi 4.... could we be any scarier?!? lol

mom said...

I love the couch! great style! the audi is very sleek looking- very nice!