Friday, February 29, 2008


I really think spring is here. Mark and I have been riding the motorcycle up to school the past couple of weeks, even in the bitter cold morning. Every day I just want to be outside instead of sitting in class. I frequently daydream of riding my motorcycle for a couple hours every day. Unfortunately, school and work get in the way of that. And Domino's won't let me use it as my delivery vehicle, though I'm sure I'd get better tips.
Today we started our spring cleaning. We started at about 4:00 this afternoon and I'm still in the middle of a couple of projects. This is mainly due to Mark's kindness to someone else. He took someone's shift at work tonight. He left at 5 and isn't home yet, so this is my break. It's been pretty fun though. A couple of years ago, I burned a whole bunch of mp3's containing all of the music that my computer had on it at the time. Instead of trying to organize it and put country music on some, rock on other, classic rock on another, (you get the idea) I decided to randomize all of the music and just shove it on a bunch of cd's. I found one tonight and stuck it on our surround sound with our new dvd/vcr player and I've been jamming all night long. And trust me, it's random music. I just heard a rap song about "gettin' down" or something like that and then "Lead Kindly Light" came on. So, it's been pretty fun. I think I even heard the M.A.S.H. theme not long ago. And Michael Jackson! I had a good time during that song. Anyways, I'd better get into the bathroom and start cleaning to my elevator music that's playing right now.


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ma said...

nice update! argentina sounds like an adventure!!