Thursday, May 03, 2007

Box Elder Battle

This is not a request to box "Elder Battle"...Just in case anyone was wondering. We don't even know an Elder Battle. The point is, we are in the midst of a war...and not with Box Elder county, but with the Box Elder bugs! EWWW!!!

Just look at them in their disgusting tribe of intruding fart-knockers.
I found these little buggers on my laundry room floor on an unforseen day when I realized the laundry needed to be done. There must have been at least 30 of them who had secretly snuck in to destroy our peace and happiness. Now, the picture only shows a few of them, and they aren't easy to see against the cracked-paint floor, so here's a professional picture for you.

Lucky for us, the tribe that tried to invade had mostly died before I got there to kill them myself. However, they are still attempting to overtake us little by little through different parts of the house: the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and even the bathroom. They're ruthless!

Speaking of ruthless, college professors are like Box Elder bugs. They poop on your furniture; they are a nuisance; they control your life. Well, not all are nuisances, and most don't poop on your furniture. But they sure do control your life. Thank goodness finals are over!!!


samka said...

Oh if full of "Box Elder Bugs". If you learn to kill them ruthlessly now you're in good shape. Wait, that doesn't apply to every situation...especially professors. I got this sweet visual image of professors pooping on your furniture though, thanks!

mama said...

EWWWWW! Now I have a 'sweet' visual of professors pooping on your furniture!! i hope the bugs haven't come to stay the summer... your landlords should know if they do for sure- and they should do something about it- like disclose it when you looked at the apt the first time! what day did you decide to come down this weekend? dad has a fireside at 6 on sat : (

Nikki said...

So I totally feel you. Did you ever have the ugly squash bugs when you lived in Morgan? They are even worse than the icky box elder bugs! But good luck! That is so gross!

sam said...

Either you're way too busy to post something new, not doing anything worth posting, or really concerned about these bugs. Either way, I hope you're having fun.

Carrie said...

I'm getting 'bugged' looking at this same post every day. What else is going on??