Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Heart-Day!

Granted, today isn't Valentine's Day, but I figured I could share what we did this year. First off, we went to school and spent most of the day doing homework and going to class. (How romantic.) After classes were over, we went home and Mark prepared a yummy fruit salad while I worked on an english paper I had due the next day. Then we took the salad over to Chris and Laura's house to have a nice Valentine's Day dinner with them and Chris' parents. It was great! After dinner we played a couple of card games called 'Quiddler' and 'And It Came to Pass' (which is, of course, an LDS game). It was great fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. I can't seem to put up the picture of us all enjoying dinner, so when I post later tonight I'll be sure to do that. Hope all of your Heart-Day's were nice!


fezzik said...

Pretty much, Quiddler is the best game ever. :)

m.o.m. said...

Finally! we need more fun stories about your life together- something that will entice your friends and family (ie brother)to see how wonderful married life is!!

sam said...

I know you're getting these comments in your email update your blog! Where are those pictures?